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Project Office
Craig TooleyProject Manager
Cathy PeddieDeputy Project Manager
Bill SluderDeputy Project Mgr/Resources
Keith OpperhauserProject Support Mgr
Deanna AdamczykFinancial Manager
Tricia GregoryAdmin/Project Support
Julie JanusContracting Officer
Amy AquecheContract Specialist
Jim SmithMission Business Mgr
Mary BernhardGeneral Business (-2007)
Vanessa Hernandez-MartinezResource Analyst
Linnette MoralesResource Analyst
Bob HesenpergerEVM
Andy EakerScheduling Lead
Marty CampbellScheduling
Debbie DusterwaldCM/DM Manager
Dorothy HallCM/DM
Warren ShultzabergerCM/DM
Angela HessMIS
Jen BrillMIS
Kristina SafdieRisk Management (2006-present)
Adrian RadRisk Management (2004-2006)
LaShonda Jacobs-TerryProcurement (CSS, Star Tracker)
GSFC Science Team
Rich VondrakProject Scientist (2008)
Gordon ChinProject Scientist (2004-2007)
Tom MorganProject Scientist (2007)
John KellerDeputy Project Scientist
Payload Team
Arlin BartelsPayload Systems Manager
Mary RedenPayload Systems Engr
Joe CerulloPayload Systems Engr
Stan ScottScience Data Mgmt
Systems Engineering Team
Dave EverettMission Systems Engineer
Martin HoughtonDeputy MSE, Mission Design
Rick SaylorDeputy MSE, I&T
Phil LuersAvionics Systems
Tom AjluniSpacecraft Bus & LV Systems
Steve AndrewsSafing Engineer, HGAS Systems Lead
Mark BeckmanFlight Dynamics
Rivers LambFlight Dynamics
Leslie HartzSystems Analysis
Eric HolmesGN&C Systems
Mike PryzbyOrbiter Systems
Steve WasserzugMechanical/Thermal Systems
Charlie WildermannSW/HW Systems
Joe NovotkaElectrical Systems, EMI/EMC
Judy BrannenRequirements Database Manager
Tom JonesLaunch Vehicle Mgr
EEE Parts Team
Rich WilliamsEEE Parts Lead
Chris GreenwellEEE Parts Support
Bruno MunozEEE Parts Support
Maxine WindhausenLRO Parts Storage & Procurement
Henning LeideckerEEE Parts Expert Consultant
Contamination Control
Chris LorentsonContamination Control Lead
Rachel RiveraContamination Engineering
Joe HammerbacherContamination I&T
Glenn RosecransContamination Analyst
Patsy DickensContamination support and Documentation
Marcello RodriguezPurge Systems and contamination support
Alfred WongCleanroom Support Systems
Leon BaileyContamination Control Technician
Karrie HoustonContamination Engineering
I&T Team
Joanne BakerOrbiter I&T Lead
Mike WrightDeputy I&T Manager
Kevin BlahutGSE Systems Engineer
Harold "Rex" RichardsonI&T Engineer
Massoud AinlooSenior Test Engineer
Joshua GrodinI&T Engineer
Gary LeporeI&T Engineer
Marsha ShanahanFlatSat Manager
Carroll TrickeySenior Electrical Technician
Patrick KilroyI&T Engineer
George MooreI&T Engineer
Greg GreerITOS Lead Engineer
Warren ThompsonFront End Processor Developer
Michael SmitSpacecraft Simulator Developer
Matt LewSpacecraft Simulator Developer
Karen CalvertITOS Developer
George HeiseyGSFC Dynamic Simulator System Lead
Stephen LeakeGSFC Dynamic Simulator Software Lead
Victor LuGDS Engineer
Matilda EwancioElectrical Technician
Brenda WallaceElectrical Technician
Deneen FerroElectrical Technician
Kim CouslerEnvironmental Project Engineer
Janet ThomasEnvironmental Project Engineer
EMI Testing Laboratory at GSFC
Mark BranchEMC Environmental Test Engineer
Vaughn Nelson
Rick Jones
Robert Houle
Nathan Block
Greg Jamroz
Andrew Mentges
Vibration Test Group
Timothy SchwartzVibroacoustic Environmental Test Engineer
Thermal Vac test Group
Ana-Mellina EspirituThermal Vacuum Environmental Test Engineer
Safety and Mission Assurance Team
Ron KoleckiSystem Assurance Mgr (SAM)
Lydia LeeDeputy SAM
Jana RezacSafety Lead
Chuck PetersonSafety
Cindy TaylorSoftware Quality Engineer
Nick VirmaniManufacturing Engineer
Al LacksQuality Assurance
Joe CalabreseQuality Assurance
Mechanical Team
Giulio Rosanova Mechanical System Lead Engineer
Pilar Joy Material Engineer
Craig Stevens Lead Structural Analysis
Jeff Pattison Acoustic Analyst
Wayne Chen SB, IM Structural Analyst
Darian Robbins Mechanical GSE Lead Engineer
Gordon Casto SB, IM Structure Lead Engineer
Greg Martins HGAS Lead Engineer
Jason Hair HGAS Engineering Support
Karl Schuler Senior Technician
Larry Madison Composite Support Engineer
Rene Carlos Coupon Test Engineer
Steve Patton Lead Technician
Katheryn Vasquez MGSE Lead
Joe Schepis Gimbals Lead Engineer
Kamal Thakore GCE Lead Engineer
Nick Shurr Gimbal Engineering Support
Charlie English Technician
Chris Kolos Technician
Dave Dollard Shop Planner
Frank Rondeau Technician
Mike Schoolman Technician
Ron Walters Technician
Tim Schwartz Test Engineer
Nick Galassi Senior Analyst
Bryan Rizzo SAS Structural Analyst
Ed Dobins Designer (MGSE)
George Mooney Technician
Ginger Bronke Designer (IM)
Greg Davis Designer Mass Simulators
Hal Baesch Technician (Detailed to PROP Group)
Heather Borowski IM Structural Analyst
Jimmy LeeQA Mechanical
Joe Green Designer (SAS)
John Harvey Designer HGAS MGSE
Ken Pellak Designer (MGSE)
Mike Golob MGSE Engineering Support
Mike Hersh SAS Lead Engineer
Paul Baird Loads Analyst
Pete Patterson MGSE Analyst
Rodney Deensie Analyst
Shelly Conkey HGAS Structural Analyst
Steve Wasserzug PM Lead Engineer
Suk Yoon Senior Designer (HGAS)
Kurt Wolko Designer (Detailed to PROP Group)
Chris Ross PM Designer
Dan Hayward Lead Designer (PM)
Jim Baker Facilitator
Glen Byron HGAS Support
Justin Ward SAS Engineer
Kevin Nims Analyst
Lisa.Mryncza CM Drawings Administrator
Monique Fetzer ITP/RAD Lead Engineer
Nereses Armani Designer (SB)
Phil Kurilchik Designer
Sandy Shuman Designer
Cecilia Chow Analyst/Dynamics
Rick Baird MGSE Designer
Wasam Aboufasha SB Analyst
Brian Kittle Technician
Tony Sanders AM Analyst
Thermal System
Charles BakerLRO Thermal Systems Lead
Christine CottinghamLRO Thermal Hardware Lead
Sharon PeabodyLRO Thermal Analysis Lead
Matt GarrisonLRO Thermal Instrument Lead
Tony MelakLRO Thermal High Gain and Solar Array Lead
Jeff MaynardLRO Thermal High Gain and Solar Array Analyst
Dan PowersLRO Thermal Analyst
Juan RodriguesLRO Thermal Analyst
Bill ChangLRO Thermal Analyst
Wes OusleyLRO Thermal Consultant
Walter AncarrowLRO Thermal Analyst
Diane SchusterLRO Hardware Technician
Doug VarneyLRO Hardware Technician
Rosalyn NelsonLRO MLI Technician
Shirley AdamsLRO MLI Technician
Brenda EstaviaLRO MLI Technician
Hume PeabodyLRO Thermal Analyst
Jesse ArmingerLRO Thermal Analyst
Markham HackeITP Project Manager
Elizabeth OeyAvionics Radiator Project Manager
Sargon AddiAvionics Radiator Quality Assurance
Mellina EspiritoThermal Test Manager
Chris SkocikThermal Test Fixture Designer
Sherrod WareThermal Test Fixture Technician
Grace MillerLRO Thermal Coating Technician
George HarrisLRO Thermal Coating Technician
John PetroLRO Thermal Coating Technician
Mary Jane StevensonLRO Thermal Coating Manager
Wanda PetersLRO Thermal Coating Manager
Jack TrioloLRO Thermal Coating Consultant
Marcello RodriguesLRO Thermal Coating Engineer
Jay ChungKapton Film Heater Manufacturer
George DavisMechanical Thermostat Engineer
Doug BrownMechanical Thermostat Manager
Warren ChenHeat Pipe Production Manager
Meshack AduwuITP and Avionics Radiator Heat Pipe Lead
Michael DeiuliisRWA and Battery Heat Pipe Lead
Mario MartinsLead Test Technician
Power System
Tom SpitzerPower System Lead
Dong SuiPower GSE Lead
Power System--PSE
Amri Hernandez-PelleranoPSE Lead Engineer
Brad KerchevalPSE Design Engineer
Greg AlkirePSE Master Controller FPGA Design Engineer
Robert StonePSE Slave FPGA & PMC Design Engineer
Jeff TravisPSE PMC Design & FPGA Test Engineer
Syed AmeenPSE Hardware Command FPGA Design Engineer
Mehul PatelPSE Test Conductor
Federico SanidadPSE Test Conductor
John WashingtonGSE Technician
Tom RozanskiGSE Technician
Power System--Battery
David JungLRO Lead Battery Engineer
Gopal RaoStaff Engineer
David SullivanLRO Battery Test Engineer
Tom RozanskiBattery Lab Manager
Raz SawarABSL LRO Project Manager
Dave CurzonABSL LRO Project Manager (formerly)
Rod NgABSL LRO Technical Lead
Andy McNamaraABSL Mechanical/Thermal Engineer
Ralph BallABSL QA Engineer
Power System--Solar Array
John LyonsSolar Array Lead
Emcore Engineering and Management:
David DanzilioGM/VP
Navid FatemiProgram Director
Brad ClevengerDirector of Operations
Pat CoilDirector of Contracts
Mary Beth ChumneyProposal mgr.
Kip DodgeLRO Program Manager
Jeff HillsethMfg. Director
Vivien BercierMfg. Engineering Manager
Jody WoodEngineering Manager
Jimmy PappanLRO Panel Engineer
John CrismanQA Mgr.
Robert Young QA
Karen FellnerQA
Eric LochausenParts and Materials
Teri KingProcurement
Kay NaranjoAccounting Mgmt
Cheryl AndersonAccounting
Don WichhartAccounting
Rick BishopProduction
Scott WilkinsonCost Accounting
Eric DownardCell Production
Stephanie BaerConfiguration Mgmt
Drew FloresProduction Support
Jill CourtneyShipping
Richard CoatneyProduction Supervisor
Thomas AngonReceiving
Kevin MaloneAccounting
Art ChevezTest Panel Engineering
Robert GallegosTest/CIC
Andy AndersTest Panel Engineering
Emcore Manufacturing
Alfred GutierrezPanel Area Manufacuring
Angelica TrujilloPanel Area Manufacuring
Dalena TrinhPanel Area Manufacuring
David ZierPanel Area Manufacuring
Estuardo MarroquinPanel Area Manufacuring
Lan DaoPanel Area Manufacuring
Maria Luisa VerdejoPanel Area Manufacuring
Meliane NettlesPanel Area Manufacuring
Rene LacadPanel Area Manufacuring
Rick ManzanaresPanel Area Manufacuring
Samuel WatsonPanel Area Manufacuring
Mile HicksCIC Area Manufacturing
Gloria KurkowskiCIC Area Manufacturing
Mai VuongCIC Area Manufacturing
Carmen CenicerosCIC Area Manufacturing
Ha NguyenCIC Area Manufacturing
Pamela RichardsonCIC Area Manufacturing
Fermin RodriguezCIC Area Manufacturing
Marianne TrinhCIC Area Manufacturing
Ashly DonaldsonCIC Area Manufacturing
Lilibeth ManzonCIC Area Manufacturing
Emelina MarroquinCIC Area Manufacturing
Deanene GonzalesCIC Area Manufacturing
Amy SaizCIC Area Manufacturing
National Technical Systems (NTS)—Thermal Vacuum Testing
Primary Crew
Jori CzajkowskiTechnician
Edward NelsenEngineer
Thermal Vacuum
Philip CarrProgram Manager/Engineer
Eric KogenTechnician
Secondary Crew
Mark KawaiTechnician
James KingTechnician
Chris MarinTechnician
Mike RudyTechnician
Support Personnel
Victor AlfanoSales
Kent BurgdorferInstrumentation Technician
Damian CastelloFluids Technician
Kelly DeliaProgram Coordinator
Ron FosterShipping/Receiving Manager
Troy HaagMaintenance Manager
Jerry HatleyElectrician
Marie JensenShipping/Receiving
Judy JonesQuality Control
Larry JonesFluids Technician
Sergey KlochkoInstrumentation Engineer
Erik KnowlesFluids Manager
Tim Kogen Instrumentation Technician
Marco MaciasMaintenance Technician
Russell PresswoodMachine Shop Manager
Janice SaariQuality Assurance Manager
Juan SanchezFluids Technician
Randy ShawEnvironmental Manager
Mike SpringerPrograms Manager
Gary ThompsonSales
Exceptional Suppliers
Roger GreenExclusive Welding
Applied Technology Associates (ATA)—Hot Box Design and Construction
Tony Tenorio
Steve Dolbey
Dennis Smith
Charlene Bausinger
Troy Jensen
Larry Martell
Jeff Stein
Shatona Martin
QIOPTIQ Space Technology (Cover Glass)
John Martin
Propulsion System
Chuck ZakrzwskiPropulsion Lead
Todd BentleyTechnician
Eric Cardiff Propulsion Engineer
Eubank CaitlinPropulsion Engineer
Mark FiebigPropulsion I&T Lead
Larry GibbQuality Assurance
Greg GriffinElectrical Technician
Stephen McKimPropulsion Engineer
Mike NunanTechnician
Khary ParkerPropulsion Engineer
Brian PomeroyPropulsion Engineer
Les PutnamTechnician
Peter OlufemiQuality Assurance
Ashley ScrogginsPropulsion Engineer
Steve C. SmithElectrical Engineer
Mike WilksTechnician
Attitude Control System
Jim SimpsonACS Lead Engineer
ACS Hardware Team
Ken McCaugheyACS Hardware Lead
Laurie EasterTechnician
Steve ScruggsTechnician
Joe RomanTechnician
Tracy PriceTechnician
Rani LavuTechnician
Millie EwancioTechnician
Inpong SivilayTechnician
Carol ZeppTechnician
Nat GillPDE and RW FPGA
Jeff KeckFPGA Support
Eric BentleyMechanical Drafting
Reaction Wheel Team
Russ RoderRW Lead and Mechanical Engineer
John WilsonRW Electrical Engineer
Joe VitaleRW Software
Mary KerbeRW PWB Layout
Fred ManageRW and PDE PWB Checking
Tom MiccolisRW Parts Engineer
Bob ReadRW Support Task
PDE Team
Jason BadgleyPDE Lead Engineer
Noble JonesPDE Mechanical Engr
Tom GibboneyPDE and GDS Support Task
Allan HoffmanPDE Module PWB Layout
Amanda VirtsPDE Inhibit Unit PWB Layout
Star Tracker Team
Noble JonesStar Tracker COTR
Roberto CasiniProgram Manager
Stefano Lorenzini
Dorico Procopio
Massimo Materassi
Giuseppe Borghi
Anna Fabri
Simone Becucci
Andrea Landi
Davide Fiorini
Marco Picchi
Moreno Stagi
Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit Team
Reginald ShermanTechnical Director
Paul BrueggemanTechnical Director
Jim AkinsTechnical Director
Marion RoweProgram Manager
Jon LawlerContract Management
Kevin ToliverProduct Assurance
Joe ProtolaSystems Analysis
Jeff YoungTechnical Director
Coarse Sun Sensor Team
Kristen BrownCSS COTR
Dwight BarefootProgram Director
Mike KaganElectrical Engineer
Kevin LucciariniQuality Assurance Engineer
Jim MirottaManager, Reliability and Quality Assurance
ACS Design and Analysis
Joseph GarrickLead Analyst
Oscar HsuRW Sizing, Delta V and Delta H Modes
Phil CalhounAttitude Kalman Filter
Neerav ShahAnalyst
Roger ChenSun Safe Modes
Gerardo Ortiz-CruzCooperative Education Student
Neal PatelCooperative Education Student
Alice LiuJitter Analysis
Carl BlaurockAnalysis
GSFC Dynamic Simulator
George HeiseyGDS Project Lead
Stephen LeakeGDS Software Lead
Tom CorrellGDS PMRD Card
Agbontaen ImasuenGDS Hardware
Wattana KemGDS Hardware
Namrita OwensGDS Hardware
Brad SmithGDS Cards
Rob ThompsonGDS Assembly
Laurie EasterGDS Assembly
Jim RawlingsGDS Assembly
Karin BlankGDS Software
Kevin D FisherGDS Software
Victor W. LuGDS Software
Linh NguyenGDS Software
PDE and RW Off-Site Teammates - Orbital Sciences Corporation
Karim Iman
Tom Gibboney
Bob Read
Victor Evans
Tom Miccolis
Peter Koump
Bill Seidell
Tracy Price
Carrol Zepp
Milly E.
Mary Kerbe
Ed Naimaster
Amanda Virts
Allan Hoffman
Steven Heishman
Fred Manage
Robert Demme
Daryl Dillow
Anderson Chun
Ron Johnson
Laura Cook
Shirely Jones
Glenn Luckett
Peggy McCviker
Vandell Roseman
Printed Wiring Board Manufacturer
Coretec Denver, INC
Laser Ranging
Dr. Maria T. ZuberLOLA Deputy Principal Investigator
Dr. David E. SmithLOLA Principal Investigator
Dr. Gregory A NeumannLOLA Co-Investigator
Dr. Frank G. LemoineLOLA Co-Investigator
Mark H. TorrenceScience Analysis Support
David R. RowlandsScience Analysis Support
Management / Systems Engineering
Ron ZellarLaser Ranging Team Lead
Dr. Xiaoli SunSystem Scientist
Keith ClevelandLOLA / LRO Quality Assurance Engineer
Peer Review Panel
Jay SmithPeer Review Panel Chair
Don CornwellPeer Review Panel Member
Dr. Barry CoylePeer Review Panel Member
Dr. John DegnanPeer Review Panel Member
Greg EllmanPeer Review Panel Member
Dr. Tony MartinoPeer Review Panel Member
Eric MentzellPeer Review Panel Member
Ted MichalekPeer Review Panel Member
Armando MorellPeer Review Panel Member
Dr. Michael PearlmanPeer Review Panel Member
Luis Ramos-IzquierdoOptical Systems Lead
Joe ConnellyOptical Engineer
Scott StanOptical Engineer
Fiber Optics
Mark FlaneganFiber Optics Lead Engineer
Richard ChuskaEO Test and Manufacturing Engineer
Frank LaRoccaEO Testing Engineer
Shawn MacmurphyManufacturing Engineer
Melanie N. OttPhotonics Group Lead, Lead FO Engineer LRO
Rob SwitzerEO Testing engineer
William Joe ThomesPhotonics Group Operations Manager
Adam MatuszeskiMechanical Lead
Donneise BriscoeMechanical Fabrication Planner
Shelly ConkeyMechanical Analyst
Caner CooperriderMechanical Engineer
Ken CoryMachinist
Dave DollardMechanical Fabrication Planner
Chris HennenMechanical Designer
Sid JohnsonMechanical Technician
Mike MulloneyMechanical Engineer
Andrew NealMechanical Technician
Dave PfenningMechanical Technician
Dave PfenningMechanical Technician
Steve SchmidtLOLA Mechanical Subsystem Lead
Matt ShowalterMachinist
Craig StevensMechanical Analyst
Buddy TaylorMechanical Designer
Bobby TaylorMechanical Support
Quan TuMachinist
Pilar JoyMaterials Engineer
Diane KolosMaterials Engineer
Ground System
Jan McGarryGround System Lead
Thomas ZagwodzkiGround System Lead
George BertholdtSupport Engineer
Oscar BrogdonSupport Engineer
David CarterNGSLR Manager
John CheekSupport Engineer
Christopher ClarkeSupport Engineer
Howard DonovanSupport Engineer
Mike GolobSupport Engineer
Julie HorvathSupport Engineer
Anthony MallamaSupport Engineer
Anthony MannSupport Engineer
Carey NollCDDIS Lead
Donald PattersonSupport Engineer
Randall RickelfsSLR System Engineer at Univ. of Texas
Thomas VargheseSupport Engineer
Jerry WiantSupport Engineer
Christine CottinghamThermal Engineer
Tony MelakThermal Engineer
Bench Checkout Equipment
Pete LiivaLOLA BCE Lead
Mike RodriguezBCE Engineer
Flight Software
Mike BlauFlight Software Lead
Kris Naylor FSW Requirements
Krishnan Narayanan FSW Requirements
Ru Perrera FSW Configuration Management
Lenard Beacraft FSW Configuration Management
Glenn Cammarata FSW Development Team Lead
Susie Strege FSW Developer
Larry Shackelford FSW Developer
Scott Walling FSW Developer
Freemon Johnson FSW Developer
Moses McCall FSW Developer
Joel Chiralo FSW Developer
Tawanda Jacobs FSW Developer
Ladd Wheeler FSW Developer
Tim Ray FSW Developer
Tom Johnson FSW Developer
George Varndell FSW Developer
Ji-Wei Wu FSW Development Team Lead
Dave McComas FSW Developer
Jeff D'Agostino FSW Developer
Michael Yang FSW Developer
Jacob Hageman FSW Developer
Bruce Trout FSW Developer
Steve Mann FSW Developer
Tom Clement FSW Test Team Lead
Mike Paoletta FSW Testing
Eva Stattel FSW Testing
Scott Applebee FSW Testing
Ray Ferrer FSW Testing
Maureen Armbruster FSW Testing
Ingrid Albright FSW Testing
Jack Fu FSW Testing
Anren Hu FSW Testing
Bob Schwenk FSW Testing
Gary Welter FSW Testing
Bob Rapp FSW Testing
John Heavener FSW Testing
Dave Grosh FSW Testing
Janet McDonnell FSW Testing
Bill Keksz FSW Testing
Tom Phillips FSW Testing
Ground System and Operations
Rick SaylorGround Sys & Ops Lead
Rick SaylorGS&O Lead
Jim ClapsadleDeputy GS&O Lead
Howard CalkGS&O Systems
Ralph CasasantaSystem Engineer
Christine MarinaccioGS&O MOC SW Tester
Mark NeubergerGS&O MOC SW Tester
Dave WatersMRT Test Lead
Mission Operations Team
Jack MurphyMOT Lead
Jabari CarringtonMission Operations
Keith CrewMission Operations
Garland DixonMission Operations
Mike GardnerMission Operations
Bob IgnasiakMission Operations
Tim JohnsonMission Operations
Tim JohnsonMission Operations
John KoenigMission Operations
Joe KowalskiMission Operations
Jeff ParkerMission Operations
Mehul PatelMission Operations
Rich SanidadMission Operations
Maxine SaylorMission Operations
Dan SutermeisterMission Operations
Paul SwensonMOC System Administrator
Mission Operations Center Software
Theresa BeechFlexplan Software Eng.
Hiam BrummerITPS Technical Lead
Jean-Pierre ChamounFlexplan Software Technical Lead
Sung ChoITPS Tester
Susan DyerITOS Developer
Mike ForemanITOS Task Lead
Gonzalo Garc’aFlexplan Software Eng.
Brian GoldmanITOS Developer
Greg GreerITOS Technical Lead
Karen Keadle-CalvertITOS Developer
Jay KimFlexplan Software Eng.
Matt LewITOS Developer
Barbara MilnerITOS Task Lead
Jean PuckettITPS Sys. Admin
Denise ReitanITPS Developer
Mark RichardsonITOS Developer
Sheia RitterITPS Task Lead
Tim SingletaryITOS Developer
Mike SmitITOS Developer
Warren ThompsonITOS Developer
Lucinda TaylorSW QA
Flight Dynamics
Mark BeckmanFlight Dynamics Lead
Rivers LambFD Ground System Lead
Michael MesarchManeuver Team Lead
Karen RichonManeuver Team
Dave FoltaManeuver Team
Rick HarmonFD Ground Attitude Lead
Ann NicholsonFD Task Lead
Steve SlojkowskiOrbit Team Lead
Andy DykesOrbit Team
Anne LongNavigation Analysis
Patrick MorinelliTracking Data Evaluation
Richard CampionTracking Data Evaluation
Mark NicholsonSoftware Development
Warren MillerSoftware Development
Attitude Ground System
Rick HarmonFD Ground Attitude Lead
Joe Sedlak
Joe Hashmall
Neil Ottenstein
Rick Coon
Dave Hooshmand
Laurie Mann
Gregory Natanson
Steve Slojkowski
Andy Dykes
Anne Long
Lauren Chung
Greg Dell
Mark Nicholson
Ann Nicholson
Patrick Morinelli
Richard Campion
Mark Scooby
Darla German
James Shaw
John Lorah
Steve Hendry
Flight Software Maintenance
Kris NaylorFSW Sustaining Engineering
Mike ObenFSW Sustaining Engineering
Scott SnellFSW Sustaining Engineering
Ground Network
April AdamsNENS Documentation Support
Bret AguilarUSN Ops
Hollys AllenNENS System Engineer
Scott AllenWSC Engineer
Leslie AmbroseGN/SN/PSLA
Mike AndersonNENS WS1 Project Management
Velma AndersonNENS System Engineer
Robert AshNENS Facilities
Cathy BarclayNENS WS1/USN Project Management
Joe BarosNENS RF SOC/Compat
Merri BenjaminNENS O&M/WSC
Matthew BienemanNENS Engineering
Elaine BowersNENS Docs
Matt BoydUSN Ops
Ronna BrockdorffGN Architecture
Bill BrownNENS Sys Eng
David CarterGN SLR Lead
Bill ChaneyNENS Engineering
Paul ChristopoulosNENS Engineering
Dale ColeNENS I&T
Abbas ContractorNENS Facilities
Chris CookNENS Security
Art CorellaNENS Facilities
Steve CurrierGN DPM
Mark CzumakNENS Engineering
Dumas DonnaNENS Admin
Debbie DukesNENS O&M/GN
Alice EskinsNENS Docs
Richard FeinsteinNENS Facilities
John FlemingNENS Engineering
Linda FullerNENS Docs
Fred GamsNENS RF SOC/Compat
William GardnerNENS Security
Don GittleUSN Lead Engineer
Bob GonzalesSN TO&A
Jane GracieNENS Docs
Joanne Greet-SwankUSN PM Support
Jay HeberleUSN Project Manager
Daniel HobelUSN Engineering
Bob HudginsGN Scheduling
Doug HughesUSN Engineering
Connie JefferiesNENS Admin
Andrew JohnsonWS1 Monitor & Control Systems Engineer
Brad JohnsonPSLA Support
Evans JonesTO Management Support
Deepak KaulNENS Enigneering
John KimNENS RF SOC/Compat
Mike KohoutNENS Network Commitment
Tom KovacNENS Scheduler
David LassiterGN WS1 Systems
Ken LaveryNENS RF SOC/Compat
Barry LusbyNENS O&M/WSC
Scott LynchUSN Engineer
Dale MasseyUSN Engineer
Dennis MateikNENS O&M/WSC
Ken McIntyreNENS Docs
Marco MidonWS1 Technical Lead
Peter MilitchNENS Chief Eng
Steve MontgomeryUSN Engineer
Yonwoo NamNENS I&T
Valeria NitzNENS Docs
Onyeali OnyeberechiNENS Docs
Paul PardoeNENS Docs
Brent ParkerNENS RF SOC/Compat
Pati PeskettNENS GN Eng
Lesley RahmanNENS O&M
Peggy RenoNENS QA
Laurel RossowNENS Safety
Gregory SandersNENS Sys Eng
Jul ScarboroughNENS Security
Bruce SchuplerNENS Sys Eng
Thomas ShultNENS Ops
Don SmallWS1 Sys Eng
Donna SmithNENS Admin
Jeanette SmolinskiNENS GN Eng
Bob StancelGN Software Engineering
Chris StevensGUI support
Frank StocklinGN Architecture Support
Rod SummerfordNENS I&T
John TaylorUSN Engineer
Steve TestoffNENS Docs
Mike UfferNENS Eng
Scott UnderwoodGN Chief Eng
Bourgondien VanNENS Facilities
Steve VogelwedeUSN SW Engineer
Jim WiedmanWS1 Security
Stephania YoungNENS Scheduler
Tim GregorWS1 M&O Lead Engineer
Jessica TraversyWS1 Digital Support
Chuck PineauWS1 RF Support
Deep Space Network
Ida BakerLRO NOPE Lead
Steve WalderrDSN MCM
Jim CameronNISN Network Engineer
Mike EderNISN Network Engineer
Chris JermannNISN IPNOC
Chi LeNISN Network Engineer
Chris SpinoloNISN Network Engineer
Command and Data Handling
William YuknisC&DH System Lead (2007-2008) / Technical Lead
Quang NguyenC&DH System Lead (2004-2007)
Dennis AlbaijesHousekeeping I/O Card Engineer / Signal Integrity Engineer
Omar HaddadJack of All Trades Engineer
Noosha Haghani LevisteCommunications Card Engineer
Damaris GuevaraCommunications Card Engineer
James FractionLow Voltage Power Converter Engineer
John SiedleckiSpaceWire Engineer / Multifunction Analog Card Digital Engineer
George MooreMultifunction Analog Card Test and Verification Engineer
Michael LinMultifunction Analog Card Analog Engineer
Renee ReynoldsMultifunction Analog Card Digital Engineer
Glenn RakowSpaceWire Consultant
Loc LuuTest and Diagnostic Software Engineer
Tawanda JacobsTest and Diagnostic Software Engineer
Warren ThompsonCommunications Ground Support Equipment Engineer
Timothy JohnsonTest Conductor
Robert IgnasiakTest Conductor
Scott PursleyData Storage Board Engineer
Dudley YuknisMascot Engineer
Cynthia LewisIntegration and Test Manager
Darryl YoungerTest Facilities Manager
Locksley HaynesData Storage Board Digital Engineer
Cin SwangwatanaratnTechnican Support
Brenda WallaceTechnican Support
Brenda FeldmanTechnican Support
Thomas WinkertCommunications Encoder FPGA Engineer
Al GrasleyPWB Designer
Al LookinglandMechanical Engineer
Tony GranadosPWB/Mechanical Designer
Barbara NeffTask Manager
Betty PearsallAssemby Technician
Charlie MccluninPackaging Engineer/Checker
Dave MeyersPlanning Inventory Control (PIC)
Doug LumsdenProgram Manager
Eva RiceProcurement/Buyer
Frank VreelandPWB Designer
Mike MerrymanPWB Designer/Manager
Harry YackmanPackaging Engineer/Checker
Jim KrivenskyPWB Designer
Jeff KeckElectrical Engineer
Jeff DiehlOperations/Lab Manager
John CookMechanical Designer
Karen NearhoffAssemby Technician
Karen ChaneyAssemby Technician
Keith EllisAssemby Technician
Lang DiepAssemby Technician
Lori ProtheroeQA Inspector
Lorinda BurrowsAssemby Technician
Mike Johnson QE/QA Manager
Nancy BailyConfiguration Management (CM)
Nicole HackleyQuality Engineer
Paul KemlageMechanical Designer
Rick ButlerQA Inspector
Richard BurrowsComponents Engineer
Roy KohnPackaging Engineer/Checker
Ryan PranschkeMechanical Engineer
Sean BowenPlanning Inventory Control (PIC)
Thomas AnderjaskaTest Engineer
Jerry BelotePlanning Inventory Control (PIC)
Tracey ClayMechanical Engineering Manager
Tuan DuongElectrical Engineer
Viguen Ter-MinassianMechanical Engineer
Alan DennisLead Electrical Engineer
Suzanne MillerEPM and Software Engr
Cathy Lue Chee LipSUROM Software engineer
Dean SaridakisLead Software Engineer
Marc VancampenLead Mechanical Engineer
Michael E SmithMechanical Enginer STE
Les CrawleyQuality Assurance
Steve JohnsonSTE Software
Joseph Hilger Operations Program Manager
David EckhardtProgram Manager
Mason FisherMaterial Planning
Everett DrewEngineering Manager
Richard KimManufacturing Engineer
Robert DavidsonElectrical Engineer
Tim WhalenMechancal Analysis
Rema Smoot Contracts
John Carr Finance
James RamsdenReliability
Phuong "Tee" OsborneAssembly Operator
Tri NguyenAssembly Operator
Pauline GordonAssembly Operator
Hang TranAssembly Operator
Conrad WalkerAssembly Operator
Margaret HighAssembly Operator
Judy BuiAssembly Operator
Teresa BlaylockStock room
Ben Reardon9639B Electronics Design Engineer
Luis Vargas9639B Electronics Design Engineer
Sanjiv Patel9639B Test Engineer
Johan Welgemoed9512A Development Engineer
Doug Harvey9512A Engineering Technician
Liz Lasher9512A Prototype/Senior Assembler
LRO Communications System
Adan Rodriguez-ArroyoCommunications System Lead
Vince BrianiRF Networks (S-/Ka-Band)
Daniel FeldmanMEI Task29 Leader (Coupler, Hybrids, coax, waveguides, omni procurements)
Rick JacobsSenior Buyer (Coupler, Hybrids, coax, waveguides, omni procurements)
Bill KlimczakHGAS RF Support
James LeeQA
Anatoly LyubomirskyRF support
John PociusGround Support Equipment
Lamont PooleGround Support Equipment
Victor SankSenior RF Support
Steve SeufertRF Test Support
Dale ShamaRF Networks Support
Steve SmithRF Test Support
Barbara SelbyContract Specialist (Coupler, Hybrids, coax, waveguides, omni procurements)
John StarenModeling / Analysis
Jerry VisalsawatKa-Band Subsystem
LRO Ka-band Modulator
Jeff JasoLRO Ka-band Modulator Lead Designer
Carl W. KellenbenzLRO Modulator Power Supply Lead
Robert LussierModulator Power Supply Technical Support
Hanson NguyenModulator Power Supply Test Engineer
Laura CookPower Supply Re-work
Jeff KeckInitial Northrop Project Manager
Doug LumsdenSecond Northrop Project Manager
Terry MillerThird Northrop Project Manager
Kim AllgoodMaterials Technician - Assembly & coat and stake
Richard BurrowsNorthrop Parts Manager
Jeff DiehlNorthrop Manufacturing Lead
Kyle HuthWirebonding specialist
Al LookinglandNorthrop Assembly Documentation
Shawn McMurphyCommunications Engineer
Xuan Nguyen     Communications Engineer
Traci Pluchak-RosnackMicro Electronic Technician
Art RuitbergDesign Consultant
LRO S-/Ka-band High Gain Antenna
Ali MahnadHigh Gain Antenna Lead
John Boger LRO HGA Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Nelis DuToitAntenna Design / Analysis
David GreenHGA electro-mechanical Support
Mike GuthmillerLRO HGA Sr. Program Manager
Ken HerseySenior High Gain Antenna Support
Doug KeehrLRO Purchasing Manager
Todd KrafchakHGA mechanical analysis
Scott MiskovishLRO HGA Thermal Analysis Lead
Eric NelsonLRO Sr. Assembly Technician
Mike NoyesLRO HGA Mechanical Design Lead
Troy NunesLRO HGA Manufacturing Engineer
Bob PhillipsLRO HGA Quality Engineer
Anna ShiffletLRO Production Control
Dawn ValeroLRO HGA Strutural Analysis Lead
Telemetry Tracking and Command Unit
Ken MoloneyProject Leader
Cheryl RossProgram Manager
Fichelle FieldsConfiguration & Data Manager
Tricia Lord-BrummContracts
Christina MuckenhouptDocument Control
Jeffery GainesFinance
Jerry ThorsonFinance
Gary PlackeIntegrated Cost & Schedule
Jim CrawfordSr Lead Engineer - Systems
Paul Schneider, Jr.Sr Lead Engineer - Systems
John StephenPrincipal Engineer - Electrical
Mark BockmannSr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Clarence HuntleySr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Robert Prentice, Jr.Sr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Carl RobelloSr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Rick ScottLead Engineer - Electrical
Wade UnderstillerLead Engineer - Mechanical
Dave AndersonLead Engineer - Software
Marty SiemonDistinguish Member Technical Staff
Mike HenggelerDesigner
James PraughtDesigner
Paul ScottDesigner
Dan GlennManufacturing Manager
Todd ZuercherManufacturing Engineer
Betty MarshMaterial Planner
Fred DunikoskiMaterial Specialist
Rosemarie NelsonManufacturing Technician
Lois WashingtonManufacturing Technician
David BakerEngineering Technician
Jack BrustEngineering Technician
Lawrence ClintEngineering Technician
Robert CordrayEngineering Technician
Les EakinsEngineering Technician
Virgina GrajiolaEngineering Technician
Steven HairEngineering Technician
Joan HarnishEngineering Technician
Edward HarrisonEngineering Technician
James HenryEngineering Technician
Marilyn LawEngineering Technician
Chip LeivasEngineering Technician
Bach NguyenEngineering Technician
Mike NicholsEngineering Technician
Michael PellerinEngineering Technician
Carlos FraijoEngineering Technician
Ruth FreezeEngineering Technician
Terry MendozaEngineering Technician
Fern RossEngineering Technician
John ShawEngineering Technician
Myron StinemanEngineering Technician
Steven VanHoltonEngineering Technician
Bennie WarrenEngineering Technician
Dolores AnayaOperator
Rannie ArnoldOperator
Ruth BoivinOperator
Theresa DuffyOperator
Leeann GuestOperator
Donna LongacreOperator
Rachel SlaterOperator
David SotoOperator
Pauline WilliamsOperator
Pam EmbreePrincipal Quality Engineer
Don DavenportSr Lead Quality Engineer
Greg HayesQuaility Specialist
Joseph LevineQuaility Specialist
Charles BeckhamQuality Specialist
Keyana WillcoxInspector 1 - Quality
Russ GravesRadiation Engineer
Lamonte EinspahrReliability Engineer
Mike NewmanReliability Engineer
Mitch WitkowskiReliability Engineer
Lynda DorsettSr Technology Specialist
Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
Todd T. PetersonTWTA Project Manager
Dale A. ForceTWTA COTR
Rainee N. SimonsTWTA Principal Engineer
Jane M. CochranTWTA Contracting Officer
Ben BaumanTWTA Budget Analyst
Corinna VilkatisContract Manager
Lou Ann FlahertyProgram Office Director
Paul SpitsenProgram Manager
Dan ScabooTWT Manufacturing Engineeing
Daniel DibbTWT Responsible Engineering Authority
Dave NewellTWT Engineeing
David EzeTWT Mechanical Engineeing
Eric YoungTWT Test Engineeing
Helen CohenTWT Manuracturing Engineeing
Mary ConnorsTWT Test Engineeing
Matt PattersonTWT Engineeing Manager
Randy GibsonTWT Test Engineeing
Tony RomeroTWT Manufacturing Engineeing
Tony RoncoTWT Manufacturing Engineeing
Dr. William MenningerTWT Design Engineeing
Zev LiangTWT Test Engineeing
Dr. Roger HollisterTWT Mechanical Engineeing
Neal RobbinsKa Band TWT Development
Adileen SaucedoTWT Assembly Technician
Anh NguyenTWT Assembly Technician
Barbara LemonsTWT Assembly Technician
Tina NguyenTWT Assembly Technician
Dennis LynchTWT Assembly Technician
Dorothy KratzerTWT Assembly Technician
Edna BelenoTWT Assembly Technician
Emy EstocadoTWT Assembly Technician
Fernando LizaragaTWT Assembly Technician
Florence MilitarTWT Assembly Technician
Janet EkenstamTWT Assembly Technician
Jose PeraltaTWT Assembly Technician
Kyong SuTWT Assembly Technician
Lani FaalafuaTWT Assembly Technician
Linda ClarkTWT Assembly Technician
Margaratia HydroTWT Assembly Technician
Mary La RicciaTWT Assembly Supervisor
Peral DupuyTWT Assembly Technician
Rebecca HuizarTWT Assembly Technician
Rhonda GershTWT Assembly Technician
Stephanie CollinsTWT Assembly Technician
Sueng LimTWT Test Technician
Bruce SharpTWT Manufacturing Planning
Pamela DonnellyTWT Manufacturing Planning
Andrew PeakTWTA Design Engineering
Dave LewisTWTA Electrical Engineering
Douglas StrotherTWTA Test Engineering
Farrell DeibelTWTA Mechanical Engineering
Jack McDowellTWTA Mechanical Engineering
Janusz PyterTWTA Engineering Manager
Jatin VaghelaTWTA Test Engineering
Joe ArakiTWTA Test Engineering
Keith LoiTWTA Test Engineering
Keith PhelpsTWTA Electrical Engineering
Manuel PeraltaTWTA Electrical Engineering
Mark TafoyaTWTA Electrical Engineering
Mike ChoeTWTA Mechanical Engineering
Oliver GrahamTWTA Test Engineering
Phil ToddTWTA Electrical Engineering
Richard AtienzaTWTA Mechanical Engineering
Roger WilliamsTWTA Design Engineering
Roy PerryTWTA Manufacturing Engineering
William TakahashiTWTA Design Engineering
Cullen ChapmanTWTA Lead Manufacturing Engineering
Greg MaxwellTWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Brian NguyenTWTA Test Engineering
Tan NguyenTWTA Test Engineering
William CouncilTWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Wesley ClaninTWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Mirna LimaTWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Deanne WidmarkTWTA Manufacturing Planning
Buzz Carter TWTA Manufacturing Planning
Donna MahonyTWTA Manufacturing Planning
Andy DailoTWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Chris TrudeauAssembly and Test Supervisor
Al MartinezTWTA Assembly Technician
Albert SolisTWTA Assembly Technician
Andrew CalderonTWTA Test Technician
Anthony BuiTWTA Test Technician
Bharti ShahTWTA Test Technician
Brian YamanohaTWTA Test Technician
Cynthia GomezTWTA Assembly Technician
David HernandezTWTA Test Technician
Dung LeTWTA Assembly Technician
Georginia ResurrectionTWTA Assembly Technician
Grace RamerizTWTA Assembly Technician
Guadalupe AmezcuaTWTA Assembly Technician
Jim ParsonsTWTA Test Technician
John VuTWTA Assembly Technician
Juan ReyesTWTA Assembly Technician
Ken HodgeTWTA Test Technician
Kyong KimTWTA Assembly Technician
Lettie MoralesTWTA Assembly Technician
Michelle StatonTWTA Assembly Technician
Mike MartinTWTA Test Technician
Patricia WilliamsTWTA Assembly Technician
Ramona DiazTWTA Assembly Technician
Tanya PhamTWTA Test Technician
Teresita EspanolaTWTA Assembly Technician
Tien NguyenTWTA Assembly Technician
Trung NguyenTWTA Assembly Technician
Tuan BuiTWTA Assembly Technician
Harness Team
Doug DuvallHarness lead (2007-2008)
Rick KinderHarness lead (2004-2007)
Curtis DunsmoreTechnician
Deneen FerroTechnician
Greg GriffithTechnician
Shirley JonesTechnician
Brian KittleTechnician
Lester PutnamTechnician
Ram RamrattanTechnician
Daryl RileyTechnician
Steve SmithTechnician
Charley StoneTechnician
Brad SwearingenTechnician
Rob ThompsonTechnician
Steven TomaszewskiTechnician
Carroll "Trick" TrickeyTechnician
Brenda WallaceTechnician
Harlan SpenceCRaTER Principal Investigator
Michael GolightlyDeputy Project Scientist
Kristin SaccaProject Coordinator
Nicholas GrossE/PO Lead
Tony CaseCalibration Scientist
Erik WilsonSOC Programmer
Jennifer BrownData Technician
David BradfordIT Management
Jeffrey SanbornTechnical Support
Eric O'DeaThermal Modeling
Huade TanThermal Modeling
Justin KasperProject Scientist
Demetrios AthensGSE Programmer
Bill ForbesMachinist
Peter FordSOC Developer
Rick FosterProgram Manager
Robert GoekeProject Engineer
Dorothy GordonElectrical Engineer
Brian KlattSMA Manager
Fred MillerTechnician
Jimmy O'ConnorProject Technician
Matt SmithMechanical Engineer
Joan QuigleySOC Analyst
J. Bernard BlakeCo-Investigator
Joesph MazurCo-Investigator
William CrainElectrical Engineer
Albert LinMechanical Engineer
Deborah SalvaggioProgram Manager
Paul CarranzaQuality Assurance
Francisca FuentesSenior Research Assistant
Rachael GalvanSenior Research Assistant
Mark LalicResearch Associate
Larry TownsendCo-Investigator
Terry OnsagerCo-Investigator
Diviner Team
David PaigeDiviner PI
Wayne HartfordInstrument Project Manager
Bradley DrakeElectronics Fabrication
Orland HarrisonSoftware
Scott NolteIntegration
Mark DuranThermal Eng
Charles AvisSOC Lead
Peter BarryMission Assur Mgmt
Jim AragonQuality Assurance
John BousmanIntegration
Nick TaylorReliability
Dennis CateIntegration
Scott LoringSoftware Eng
Michael O'connellDynamics Test
Tom PierceEMC Test
Kim PlourdeProject Mgmt Staff
Daniel PrestonCalibration Eng
Laurie GuayBusiness Mgmt Staff
Henry AwayaTest
Nickolas EmisThermal Eng
Gary KinsellaThermal Eng
Tarek BaayounBusiness Mgmt Staff
Marc FooteIntegration
Bruno JauMechanical Eng.
Susan LeeSoftware Assurance
Cami VongsouthySafety Eng
Michael BlakelyEnvironmental Eng
Bryan BellReliability
Don LewisMaterial End
Glenn AveniContamination Control Eng
Lee WigglesworthTest Support
Robert StephensonStructural Analysis
Dave RandallTest Support
Sam GalaskeMechanical Design
Robert HughesThermal Analysis
Igor MitrofanovLEND PI
David SmithLOLA PI
Mark RobinsonLROC PI
Eric Eliason
Harald Hiesinger
Brad Jolliff
Michael Malin
Alfred McEwen
Peter Thomas
Elizabeth Turtle
Scott BrylowInstrument Manager
Mike RavineSenior Project Manager
Mike CaplingerSystems Engineer
Jacob SchaffnerLead Electrical Engineer
Paul OtjensElectrical Engineer
Tony GhaemiLead Optical Engineer
David Humm
Chris MartinFlight Assembler
Hakeem OlawaleLab Technician
Jose NavarroJunior Mechanical Engineer
Will CowellJunior Mechanical Engineer
Steven MiJunior Mechanical Engineer
Ann PasquiniProcurement Lead
Jeff ZerrI&T Maser
LROC Science Operations Center
Ernest Bowman-CisnerosSOC Manager
Ian BennettSOC Senior System Administrator
Ken BowleySOC System Administrator
Joe DigilioSOC System Administrator
Tim DonnellySOC Operations
Sean MerrittSOC Operations
David NelsonSOC Operations
Julie StoparSOC Operations
Shane ThompsonSOC Operations
Jim StewartSOC Lead Software Developer
Nick AvlontisSOC Software Developer
Jacob DantonSOC Software Developer
Erick MalaretACT President, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Doug FullerHPCI Manager, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Kirt KarlHPCI Storage, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Gil SpeyerHPCI Software Developer, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Dan StanzioneHPCI Director, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Carmen SalasBusiness Manager & LROC EPO
Doug RobertsEPO Lead
Wendy TaylorEPO
Brett DeneviPost-Doc
Sam LawrencePost-Doc
Martin TschimmelPost-Doc
Randy GladstoneLAMP PI (2007-2008)
Alan SternLAMP PI (2004-2007)
Ron Black
Dave Slater
Maarten Versteeg
Michael Davis
Kristian Persson
Greg Dirks
Ken Johnson
Henry Sykes
Armando De Los Santos
Jessica Stack
John Scherrer
Brian Gupta
John Stone
Kurt Retherford
Larry McCullough
Joerg Gerhardus
Tommy Greathouse
David Kaufman
Joel Parker
Anthony Egan
Traci Case
Rebecca Thibodeaux
Roy Graham
Michael Young
Dana Crider
Paul Feldman
Wayne Pryor
Polly Andrews
Gianna Sullivan
Sensor Sciences
Mini-RF Team
S. NozetteMini-RF
Benjy NeumannDeputy Dir-ACD
Chris CulbertExploration System Missions Div
Mike WargoProgram Scientist
Program Office
Tony LavoieProgram Manager
Larry Hill
Launch Support Team
A.I. Solutions
Clinton E. PlaistedFlight Controls
Bill BoggsAE Comm and Telemetry
Tom CasalePower Systems/Batteries
Marsha CauseyLaunch Site Support
Tim ClingerAE Comm & Telemetry Engr
Lamar DavisLaunch Site Support Engineer
Milt DravesMission Integration Coordinator
Roy A. FisherLaunch Site Support Engineer
Richard A. FlageFlight Software
Eugene J. FourneyLV Mechanical - Denver
John GlassOrdnance
Penni HerbstContamination Control
Chuck HolmesBooster Prop
Kathleen KerrBadging/Security
Angela M. LawheadOCE Support
Dave LoiselleAvionics
John MagisanoDenver Res Office - Avionics
Linda Lee MatthiasContamination Control
Janice E. McMillenMission Integration Coordinator
Ruby MontoyaDenver Resident Office
Chip MooreOrdnance
Jim MyersPropulsion
Skip OwensFlight Design
John PavoneEnvironmental Control Systems
Suzie RainesTechnical Integration
Randy ReidBooster Prop
Ted SchmollPneumatics
Carl SchultzDenver Res Office - LV Structures
Estil G. SmithLaunch Support
Gregg StollAE Comm
Charlie ThompsonAE Comm & Telemetry Engr
Domenick TuteraFlight Design
Tom VogelPropulsion
Tom WoodardElectrical
Paul Wubbena EGSE
James W. ZimmermanLoads
Bruce CampbellASO Safety Lead/Mission Manager
Beau Suzanne DuASO Badging/Security
Rob FerrraroASO Mission Manager - LCROSS
Gerard GleesonASO Mission Manager - LRO
Dwayne LightASO Facility Manger
Don MooreASO Mission Manager - LCROSS
Don WhiteASO Manager
Boeing KSC
Jeffery BoykinDesign Visualization Modeling
David MuldowneyS/C Security
Sharon SieberS/C Securtiy
Charlie SmithCAPPS Fueling Lead
Carlos AlvaradoFlight Controls
Omar BaezAssistant Launch Director (ALD)
Dan BakerLSIM
Serkan BastugStrength
John BauschlicherFlight Dynamics
Gary BeatovichASO Contract Officer
Brian BeaverFlight Design
Norman M. BeckLCROSS Integration Engineer
Bill BensonFlight Dynamics
Frank M. BillinghamPropulsion
Jamie BjornbakInstrumentation
Robert J. BosnyakIntegration Engineer
Donald E. BrandlThermal
Jacqueline A BrooksContracting Officer
Diana M. CaleroLRO Integration Engineer
Danial M. CampbellThermal Analysis
Michael C. CarboneMechanical and GSE
Keith CastilowDenver Resident Office Mngr
Robert L ChoyLaunch Director
Kevin J. ClintonEMC/RF
Harold ColemanCOTR/PIM
Daniel M. CoonLV Software
Emilio CruzLSP Budget Office
Chuck DavisKSC Fueling Lead
George DillerPublic Affairs
Charles P. DovaleLaunch Director
Ronald B DriggersSafety & Mission Assurance
Lennie DuncilThermal
Kristie DurhamEducation and Public Outreach
Mary FallerLRO Integration Engineer
Eb FarrisLaunch Vehicle Testing
Daniel K. FossLaunch Operations Manager
Aaron FournierOrdnance
Kevin GrelckLV Software
Eric HaddoxOrbital Debris Analysis
Stephen A. JeffressComm & Telemetry
Mark JensenInstrumentation
Daniel J. JohnsonAtlas Vehicle Systems Engr
James C. KinneyLV Loads Analysis
Susan LambertS/C Processing Support Manager
Cynthia D. LessnePIM
Martin J. LougheedComm & Telemetry
Jeffrey R. LyonsDenver Resident Office - Electrical
Shermane MartinoBudget Analyst
Sam MichelS/C Processing Support Manager
Randall K MizellePIM/COTR
Tiffany V. NailPublic Affairs/Outreach
Gary J. ONeilThermal
Christine A. PacariemElectrical
Michael D. PattonComm & Telemetry
Christopher B. RawlinsContamination Control
Thomas R. ReinartsLRO-LCROSS Mission Chief Engineer
Craig SchreiberMission Assurance
Keith M SchuhElectrical
Mark D. ShuggLaunch site integration Manager
George SimoneCentaur Propulsion
David R. SollbergerOCE
Ben StudenskiBudget Office/Fairing Decals
Charles A TatroMission Manager
Karl J. ThalStress
Akash V. VanganiVehicle Systems Engineer - Lead
Michele L. VeneriMGSE and LV Mech Operations
Martha VreelandEducation and Public Outreach
Mic WoltmanVehicle System Engineer
James S. WoodNASA LSP Chief Engineer
Nate WoodAE Telemetry
Tracy YoungPublic Affairs
Tom RucciLaunch Site Support Engineer
Pamela K AlstottAtlas Control Dynamics
Mitchel C ArnoldAtlas Tiger Team Engineer
Douglas E BakerAtlas Range Requirements Lead
David BallouAtlas Cape Ops Contamination Control
James J BeciaAtlas EMI/EMC Analysis
Eric BestAtlas System Software
Fred BoudreauAtlas Structural Analysis
Jason BuchholzAtlas Contamination Control
Kathryn BuchholzAtlas Systems Engineer
Grant E ColleyAtlas Systems Integration
Jeffrey S DekruifAtlas Thermodynamics
Gordon EnglandAtlas Chief Vehicle Engineer
Donald E FoleyAtlas Systems Integration
Thomas E GeorgeAtlas Mass Properties
Richard D GerberdingAtlas Thermal Control
Marc A GinsburgAtlas Flight Design
Jeffery R GonzalesAtlas Aerophysics
Paul R GrossAtlas Systems Engineer
Michael L GrubbsAtlas Video System Design
Kevin HarrisAtlas Range Requirements
Al J. HegemannAtlas System Software
Jeff HoldridgeAtlas Separation System CPE
Steven W KuetheAtlas Contamination Control Lead
Matthew J LacyAtlas RF Systems
Brian LathropAtlas Mission Design Lead
David R LolliniAlas Deputy Integration Mgr
Marty R MalinowskiAtlas Chief Engineer's Staff
Dedra M MartinezAtlas Avionics & Electrical Design Lead
Brian McGrawAtlas System Software Mgr
Kelly McTeerAtlas P/L Stuctural I/F Design
Patrick J MurphyAtlas Payload Ops Engineer
Ken L NautaAtlas Control Dynamics Mgr
Lars J OnsagerAtlas Mission Design
Scott PersonAtlas Guidance & Accuracy Lead
Darrell J RayAtlas System Safety
John G ReedAtlas Guidance & Accuracy
Paul A RizzoAtlas Ground Mechcanical Design
James E RotoleAtlas P/L Stuctural I/F Design Mgr
Lee E SalemAtlas Accoustics & Shock Analysis
Steven P SaklaAtlas Propulsion Systems
Dirk U SchreierAtlas Mission Mgr
Randal W SmithAtlas Chief Engineer's Staff
Antonio M SotoAtlas Cape Ops Payload Integrator
Carl D SterlingAtlas Vehicle Thermal Control Mgr
Michael C StittAtlas Mission Thermal Control Mgr
Lee H TerwilligerAtlas Systems Engineer
Walter E ThompsonAtlas Mission Design Mgr
Darin ToronjoAtlas P/L Stuctural I/F Design
Phillip D VanlawAtlas Dyamic Loads & Environments
Randall S WalkerAltlas Integration Mgr
Reza ZareiAtlas Ground Mechanical Design
David H ZimmermannAtlas Contamination Control

List compilied by David Everett

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Dr. Richard Vondrak
Dr. Richard Vondrak

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John Keller
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Catherine Peddie
Catherine Peddie

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Mark Beckman
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