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  About LAMP

Reflected Lyman-alpha sky-glow and starlight produce sufficient signal for even a small UV instrument like LAMP to see in the Moon's permanently shadowed regions.

The LAMP investigation offers to exploit this to:

  • Spectrally identify the locations of any exposed water-ice deposits in the Moon's PSRs
  • Directly map even the darkest PSRs
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of low-light starlight/sky-glow vision applications for operational use on future landed missions.

LAMP is a low-risk, high-heritage investigation based on a rebuild of an existing instrument. LAMP offers to enhance the exploration and science value of LRO by:

  • Addressing LRO-AO measurement objectives,
  • Testing a novel polar/night vision system for future robotic and human landed missions
  • Collecting lunar atmospheric science datasets that LRO would not otherwise obtain.

  Measurement Goals

  • Identify and localize exposed water frost in Permanently Shadowed Regions (PSRs).
  • Collect landform-scale mapping in all PSRs.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of natural starlight and sky-glow illumination for future missions.
  • (Supplemental) Assay the lunar atmosphere and its variability.

LAMP photo

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  Principal Investigator

  • (acting) Space Science and Engineering Division, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX

LAMP illustration

Image Above : The LAMP instrument is an imaging UV spectrometer
with the capability to achieve LAMP's Group 1 and 2 investigation objectives.

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