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A Standardized Lunar Coordinate System for LRO
10.01.2008 (Project White Paper)
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Mission Design and Operations Considerations for NASA's LRO
10.30.2007 - M. Houghton, C. Tooley, R. Saylor
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LRO Instrument Suite and Objectives
10.30.2007 - J. Keller, G. Chin, T. Morgan
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LRO Participating Scientist Opportunity Announced
06.2007 - (This program element solicits proposals for LRO Participating Scientists, who will participate in science team activities such as data analysis, archiving and publication.)
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Space Science Paper
- 02.2007
("Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Overview: The Instrument Suite and Mission")
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LRO Overview : The Instrument Suite and Mission
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LRO Project Science Working Group (PSWG)
11.28.2006 - 11.30.2006
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LRO : Project Overview and Status
12.03.2006 - C. Tooley
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Scientists Chip Away at the Mysteries of the Moon
8.08.2006 - M. Zuber in the New York Times
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LRO Instrument Suite and Measurements
5.19.2006 - J. Keller (AIAA Annual Technical Symposium)
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LRO Spacecraft and Objectives
5.19.2006 - C. Tooley (AIAA Annual Technical Symposium)
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Constraints on the Depth and Variability of the Lunar Regolith
3.24.2005 - B. Wilcox, M. Robinson, P. Thomas, B. Hawke
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Lunar Program : An Introduction to Goals, Approach, and Architecture
1.31.2005 - J. Watzin, J. Burt, C. Tooley
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Status Briefing on LRO Pre-Selection Formulation Efforts
12.22.2004 - J. Watzin, C. Tooley (presented to Congressional Staffers)
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NASA's Lunar Exploration Program Presentation
11.2004 - M. Houghton (ICEUM Conference, India)
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NASA RLEP - 2008 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
09.2004 - R. Vondrak (Presented to AIAA)
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Baseline Estimates of the LRO Mission
4.02.2004 - D. Folta
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